The BLUE DISPATCH second issue is available here BLUE DISPATCH 2017 DRAFTS REVIEW. It offers a closure on the 2016/17 season (our first one as Draftin Europe) and provides a bridge to the new one and future drafts.

The first aim of this new release is to cover all the prospects that were selected out of Europe at the 2017 NHL Draft in Chicago.

Not all of them were profiled on our draft guide, and this Review provides scouting reports especially for those drafted players that for whatever reasons didn’t find their way in the previous release. BLUE DISPATCH issue No.2 is meant to be complementary to issue No.1 (the Draft Guide).These are the contents that come available with it for just 11.90€:

  • Breakdown per country of the draft tendencies of the last few years
  • Write-ups on all the 67 prospects drafted out of Europe
  • Top 5 NHL teams at the 2017 draft
  • A look into the 2017 Import Draft
  • A whole section (INTO THE FEUTURE) dedicated to future drafts, offering:
  1. Top 5 with prospects’ profiles for the 2018 Entry Draft
  2. Top 5 with prospects’ profiles for the 2019 Entry Draft
  3. Top 5 with prospects’ profiles for the 2020 Entry Draft
  4. A look into 2021 eligible prospects
  5. Outlines of as many as 30 players for the 2019, 2020, 2021 drafts
  6. Stats comparison with past prospects